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Submit functional annotations for AS events

Dear PastDB user,

Our goal is to make PastDB (and VastDB) a comprehensive resource for the research community, gathering information about the behaviour of alternative splicing events at many different levels, and displaying it in a concise and intuitive manner. With that in mind, we think that displaying brief annotations of the biological functions described for some of our AS events, together with links to bibliographical evidence, could be a very useful feature for future PastDB releases.

That's why we kindly ask for your help. If you have published references speaking about the effects of an AS event with a vast-tools ID, you can let us know using this form, and we will include it in our next release, so that other researchers can benefit of your knowledge too.

Thank you very much in advance,

The VastDB/PastDB team

P.S. If you have many annotations, you can also send us a tab-delimited text file to vastdb@googlegroups.com, and we will add it to our dataset.

Event ID: (e.g. MmuEX0025260)
PubMed ID: (e.g. 20164337)
Annotation: (e.g. LSD1 isoforms display in vitro a comparable demethylase activity, yet the inclusion of exon E8a (MmuEX0025260) reduces LSD1 repressor activity on a reporter gene. The knockdown of neurospecific variants in cortical neurons results in the inhibition of neurite maturation, whereas overexpression of the same variants enhances it. Instead, perturbation of LSD1 isoforms that are devoid of the neurospecific exon elicits no morphogenic effect.)